4 Week Intuition Development Course

Who’s ready to take their intuitive gifts to the next level with my transformative 4-Week Intuition Development Program? 

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What You Will Learn

Module 1: Deepen your connection with your Spiritual Guides

Module 2: Learn about and Develop your Psychic Abilities and how to use them.

Module 3: Learn how to Channel Messages from Spirit

Module 4: Connect with Cards and Learn How to do your own Reading.

Program Details

  • Self-Paced Classroom

  • 24/7 Access!

  • Classroom Available Immediatley when you join skool!
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  • Toni

    There was so much information, I had no idea it was that involved. Really excited to go back over your courses over the weekend!!

  • Amanda

    I choose to live in love, I am joy, I am ease. Oh wow, that made my heart feel wonderful, thank you lovely one 💖

  • Ashley

    Words cannot express how grateful I am Lexy! You are incredible and it was the most amazing retreat and I feel blessed to be apart of your first of many.

Who’s This For

Practitioners (Psychics/ Healers/ Lightworkers, etc) who are looking to take their skills to that next level for their clients (and themselves)

Hobbyists at all levels of experience looking to use their abilities to make better decisions and navigate their lives.