PSYCHIC | Spiritual Mentor

Lexy Moore

Lexy is a leading Psychic Medium and Spiritual & Intuitive Development Coach. Over the last decade, Lexy has trained more than 5,000 psychics and healers around the world. After many years of teaching intuition one-on-one Lexy has now started offering group workshops and retreats to enable more people to learn these valuable skills.

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animal communicator

Mandy Martin

Mandy is an intuitive animal communicator who has been connecting with animals since the passing of her beloved dog Misty. She has been gifted the ability to connect with animals both in the physical world and those who have crossed over the rainbow bridge. Her intuitive understanding of animal's thoughts, feelings and emotions on a deeper level brings insights to your pet's behaviours and emotional needs.

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spiritual life coach

Lexie Farrell

Lexie is a Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach whose intention is to facilitate space for you to open up, in order to co-create an experience where you can feel, connect with and receive exactly what is in your highest alignment at this time.

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