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Bali Spiritual Holiday: November 12-19 2024 (Deposit Only)

Bali Spiritual Holiday: November 12-19 2024 (Deposit Only)

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Who wants a holiday?

Better yet, who wants a holiday where they can have AMAZING spiritual experiences, explore Bali, and get amongst the culture while enjoying some yoga or a relaxing massage?

If you’ve answered yes or where do you sign? Then we have the perfect spiritual holiday for you!!!

This is the first of its kind!!! Think of this as a spiritual holiday tour!! People go on tours to see the Eiffel Tower, you’re going to go on a tour to have spiritual experiences!!! 

ALSO - let me be clear - this not a retreat!!! You will not be staying in a retreat centre or private villa where you're isolated - away from everything. Instead you will enjoy beautiful accommodation with easy access to Ubud.

We believe if you are going to an incredible holiday destination like Bali then you need to be able to experience the culture, people and places so you can really connect with the energy of the country you’re visiting and have an amazing and FUN spiritual experience. 

Don’t get me wrong, we love retreats, but this is for people who want spiritual experiences whilst also having a great time discovering the best parts of Bali.

What’s included?
- A pocketful of sunshine!!! ☀️ 
 ⁃ Accommodation that is the bees knees 🐝 
 ⁃ Melukat (water cleansing ceremony) In my opinion, one of the BEST parts!!!
⁃ Traditional Reading with a Balinese Shaman (we’ll have a translator for you). 
⁃ Meditation
⁃ Yoga 
⁃ Exploring the local markets & cuisine


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